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At 1st State Bank, we offer a wide range of innovative mortgage options, so that whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced homeowner, we have options that will work for you. Our programs offer affordable interest rates, reduced closing costs, local decision making and  quick turnaround times.  


For more information about our Mortgage Options and Mortgage Lenders, click the first link below to browse our Online Mortgage Center. When you are ready to apply, use the Online Mortgage Center to submit your application to one our Mortgage Lenders.


To view and manage your current 1st State Bank Mortgage, choose the second link below.






Mortgage Officers

Ali Ellis, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0855 | NMLS #883429 | E-Mail
Amy Courtney, Mortgage Lender
(989) 272-7548 | NMLS #2443738 | E-Mail
Dean Anderson, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0851 | NMLS #502441 | E-Mail
Debra Mazur, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0853 |NMLS #529640 | E-Mail
Dennis Dinauer, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0857 | NMLS #529641 | E-Mail

For more information, visit any of our Banking Offices or please Contact Us.