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1st State Bank is located in Saginaw, Bay and Midland Counties. To fill out an online application, you must either be a current customer of 1st State Bank or must live, work or own a business in either Saginaw, Bay or Midland County. If you do not fulfill this requirement, please call one of our Mortgage Loan Officers at 989-799-0525. Explore our mortgage center without any obligation or disclosure of personal information.
















Mortgage Officers

Ali Ellis, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0855 | NMLS #883429 | E-Mail
Amy Courtney, Mortgage Lender
(989) 272-7548 | NMLS #2443738 | E-Mail
Dean Anderson, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0851 | NMLS #502441 | E-Mail
Debra Mazur, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0853 |NMLS #529640 | E-Mail
Dennis Dinauer, Mortgage Loan Officer
(989) 596-0857 | NMLS #529641 | E-Mail

For more information, visit any of our Banking Offices or please Contact Us.