A Bank for Business

With us, business banking isn’t just one thing we do, amongst a laundry list of other services. It’s our priority.


Our Story

In 2004, when many banks were consolidating, a group of local business and professional people felt there was a need for a local bank. One that was part of the community. One that understood the unique needs of businesses in the area. One that was in town, and in touch.


Investor Information

1st State Bank is a business like yours, growing to meet the needs of its customers. We invite you to grow with us, as a shareholder, supporting the bank through your investment.



The people making the decisions are right across the desk from you.


All the ways we make banking trouble-free will surprise you.


See what small town service, big bank benefits really means.

Free Business Checking

At 1st State Bank, our Business Checking is simple and straightforward. It’s the perfect account for companies with all levels of checking account activity.

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Press Releases

Online Banking Data Security

1st State Bank has security measures in place to protect your account information, but to make it effective we need your help and cooperation. Many account hijacking attempts come as a result of hacking into individual user accounts, and from there electronically breaking into the bank using your information and security codes.    There are several precautions that you should […]

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Password Security

Password security has become an important question as more and more of us use online accounts and mobile accounts to access financial information. There are some simple things each of us can do to help protect ourselves online with one of the biggest being the use of “strong” passwords. The keys to a password’s strength are length and complexity. An […]

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Positive Pay Service

Positive Pay Service offers your businesses a comprehensive means for preventing check and ACH fraud using thorough transaction verification.  This online fraud mitigation service allows your business to manage ACH debits and credits posting to your checking account and matches the checks you issued with those presented for payment.  Any items considered suspect are reviewed by you to approve for […]

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