Cash Disbursements



With 1st State Bank’s Cash Management Services you will be able to select from an array of methods to control how and when your funds are disbursed.


Online Banking

Our Business Online Banking will provide your business a fully secured banking environment with the customization and services you need to do your banking wherever and whenever it is the most convenient.

  • Monitor real-time banking information
  • Access your accounts and view detailed transaction histories
  • Initiate internal transfers and stop payments
  • Initiate wires and ACH payments
  • Download statements and account information
  • Multiple levels of security allow for customized authority levels for your employees.


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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Service

With Automated Clearing House you will be able to send funds to anywhere in the United States. ACH payments are processed on an overnight basis.

  • Direct deposit your employee payroll
  • Process vendor payments and tax payments conveniently
  • Transactions can be on a one-time or recurring basis


Positive Pay Service

This service is an effective risk management solution which provides the ability to monitor your checking account to combat check and ACH fraud.

  • Ensures that funds are not released from your checking account unless specific information on each check presented for payment exactly matches the list you provided to us electronically
  • ACH debits will viewed daily to ensure only approved transactions can debit your account
  • Any discrepancies are flagged so that you can approve or decline the request for payment

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Wire Transfer Service

We will transfer funds from your 1st State Bank account to another bank on your instruction. We can handle your requests accurately, in a timely manner with personal attention or you can combine the efficiency of a wire transfer with the convenience of Business Online Banking.

  • Domestic and international wire service available
  • Initiate, schedule and check the status of wire transfers
  • Create reusable templates
  • Online Wire Transfer Service also allows scheduling transfers after-hours for processing the next business day


Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

  • Link your various checking accounts to a General Operating account automatically
  • Increase the efficiency and flexibility of your cash flow
  • Funds flow between your ZBA and General Operating checking account
  • Eliminates the need for your to transfer funds.


Business VISA® card

Take advantage of the security, flexibility and convenience of a VISA Business Charge Card

  • Use Online Administration Management to manage cash flow
  • Monitor employee spending
  • Set individual spending limits from your desktop
  • Earn rewards for your everyday business purchases

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