Safeguarding Against Check Fraud: Mitten Money Podcast

1st State Bank had the privilege of collaborating with Tri-Star Trust on a two-part series on the Mitten Money Podcast, hosted by William Zank. The topic of conversation in this series is the concerning surge in check fraud that has impacted thousands of businesses across the United States. Listen to this important message in the playback boxes below.

Part One: In this conversation between Todd Gregory, Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer of 1st State Bank, and Peter Ewend of Saginaw Bay Underwriters they shed light on the alarming rise of check fraud and provide valuable insights and advice for safeguarding your finances, including dedicated insurance options for fraud protection.

Part Two: In this episode, Cindy Holliday, 1st State Bank’s BSA Officer and Kip Northrup, Owner of Blue Thumb walk through a real world example of check fraud and discuss best practices for fraud prevention. They discuss Positive Pay service, the importance of daily account monitoring and other essential topics that can help your defense against fraudulent activities.

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