Keeping Your Debit Card Safe

A debit card connected to your checking account is a very common payment choice these days. Debit cards offer convenience to draw funds from that account when making a purchase as well as withdraw cash through an ATM.

Avoid fraud – Use your Debit Card wisely.

Check Your Bank Activity Often React time is important. Review account activity DAILY though online banking. Be sure to report missing debit cards and unauthorized transaction right away. Also consider filing a police report for a stolen debit card.

Use Real Time Alert Services Real time alerts can provide valuable information and react time for unauthorized transaction

Public Wireless Access is not Secure Only use a password-protected wireless connection.

Protect your Password/PIN Create a PIN that you will easily remember and save this information is a secure location. Please remember, 1st State Bank will never ask for your PIN, nor should anyone else. Don’t forget to cover the pad with your hand when inputting your PIN.

Limit ATMs usage to Bank ATM machines Always use your debit card with caution. Check the machine for anything that looks out-of-place, such as a newer keypad installed on an older machine or a hard-to-use slot for your card. Bank ATM’s are monitored regularly to reduce the chance of skimming devices.

Limit Debit Card Use Online Transactions made when your card is not present are not protected by the chip. Consider using a Credit Card instead to prevent a fraudulent transaction from draining your checking account. This practice will provide fraud protection and dispute opportunities.

Traveling with your card Let issuers know your travel dates and destination. If your card gets swiped at an unusual location, the card issuer may decline the suspicious transaction.